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Using data science and artificial intelligence, our products have been created to automate the collection and analysis of huge volumes of data. This not only gives marketers fast, unique insights, but also the gift of time.

Decision Whisper Archetype


AI-powered PPC management

We’re one of the first companies in the world to bring to market an AI-powered PPC management platform.

Decision was created due to our experience with the limitations and frustrations of other bid-management tools. Our unique product is an AI media buying and pricing strategy engine; primarily designed to optimise PPC spend using AdWords and Bing Ads.

It continually learns and optimises itself in real-time to manage paid media spend that delivers more leads or sales for less.

Why Decision is unique

  • Optimises PPC advertising for lead generation or e-commerce websites
  • Manages a high volume of product SKUs
  • Continually learns and optimises bid management based on data
  • Identifies cross-sell opportunities
  • Informs Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Continually tests new landing pages
  • Automatically writes and tests PPC ad copy variants
  • Optimises across paid and organic for best blended performance
  • Can automatically set pricing based on market conditions and commercial criteria

can help

Decision can solve your challenges if you're thinking

  • “I need to increase sales and decrease PPC spend”
  • “How can I manage PPC for all my SKUs?”
  • “Should I be bidding on brand terms?”
  • “How can I gain insight on my competitors?”
  • “I need to increase quality leads for the sales team”

Case Studies

See how brands are using Decision to deliver more leads for less spend.

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The greatest focus group in the world

Whisper is built on unique, mathematical algorithms which were originally created to analyse terrorist communication networks and autistic brain function.

We’ve applied the same mathematical algorithms to Twitter, and in doing so have invented the largest, most powerful focus group in the world. It doesn’t just count likes, follows and interactions like other monitoring tools. Whisper uses maths to describe the viral spread of content, and identify who or what is influencing an audience.

With Whisper, we can analyse millions of people’s behaviour in minutes – giving you the insight to make smart marketing decisions.

Whisper can add value to:

  • Content & creative strategies – using social data to gather audience insight and identify influential content to feed into content planning and strategies; either for SEO or marketing campaigns.
  • Crisis PR – has PR coverage spread virally and is it influencing your audience? This will help to determine whether you should or shouldn’t respond.
  • Influencer identification – find both individuals or brands that have influence over your audience to be used as part of content seeding, outreach or partnership activities.

can help

Whisper can solve your challenges if you're thinking

  • “I need insight to build a content strategy”
  • “Which influencers should I be working with?”
  • “Is this PR crisis really a PR crisis?”
  • “I need insight to inform media planning”
  • “What does the audience think of my client’s products?”

Case Studies

See how our mathematical algorithms have helped us create and analyse the biggest focus group in the world.



Intelligent data modelling software powered by AI

Archetype is our new AI-based modelling product, backed by a team of data scientists and strategists, to give brands considerably greater opportunity to model their data and predict customer behaviour, such as conversion, re-purchase, lapsing, or basket abandonment, enabling deeper customer engagement and more personalised communications.

Archetype is easy to use, with just three steps to define your models, and so is suitable for all data literate professionals that want to drive the biggest possible uplift out of the models they produce.

As Archetype automates previously time-consuming aspects of modelling, you can free your analysts to focus on more complex tasks.

Why Archetype is unique

  • Uniquely powerful – capacity to continuously evolve – as your data changes, it’s easy to create new models, continuing to let the engine learn against your real-life data. Over time, Archetype will remove the need to monitor model performance or re-deploy; it’ll be as simple as switching on your choice of model.
  • Uniquely simple – Archetype guides you through a process of uploading your data, making decisions about which data to include, and how complex to make the model. Armed with this information, Archetype produces the best possible model from the data you supply.
  • Intuitively better – accessible via a browser and requires no IT installation, Archetype’s advanced modelling engine uses the latest techniques to automate model development and create better models at speed.

can help.

Archetype generates better performing models for greater insight

  • “How can I develop better-performing predictive data models, such as conversion, re-purchase, lapsing and basket abandonment”
  • “I am data literate but not a data scientist – and I need to drive much more value from the data my organisation holds”
  • “I need to provide my organisation with granular insight that enables us to develop deeper customer engagement and more personalised communications”
  • “How can I redevelop my existing suite of models at speed, and keep them updated frequently?”
  • “I need to automate processes and free up my team’s time to focus on other tasks”

We aim to constantly develop and evolve our products, which are available to buy as a managed service, software with dashboards or over APIs.

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