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  • Decision
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automated PPC bid-management
  • Real-time data analysis
  • E-commerce

The brief

With over 100,000 products on the site and constant price and range changes, digital marketing agencies just couldn’t keep up with the pace of the ebuyer.com’s business. If they were to win on their Google AdWords activity, they needed real-time response that was aware of their competition, and the entire market.

The answer

Decision identified that ebuyer.com frequently missed market opportunities by either over or under pricing their products, or missing out on range comparison. By constantly checking search engine rankings, competitor bidding, pricing and organic positions, Decision optimises Ebuyer’s bid strategy against all the market conditions. Free from the limitations of human resource, the system then picks its fights and wins in this highly commoditised market.

The result? A 37% reduction in media spend delivered the same seven figure monthly revenue. This freed up two full-time members of staff to think, not do.

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